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Does your company rely on Background-Jobs to make its business tick?

Standard scheduling tools are limited, tricky to configure & can let you down: ikura replaces this iron-age tool with a service that is lightweight & dynamic. Go ahead, create thousands of scheduled jobs. Design your jobs to spawn others, contingent on outcomes.

Watch our demo and learn how ikura can be put to work for you:
interactive demo.


Why ikura?

As the CTO of a fantasy football start-up, I require real-time statistics for our services to work. The scripts that collect the data are fine-tuned and perform perfectly, but when our web-servers have trouble, the background-jobs that handle the scripts sputter and die.”

The solution is ikura.

As CEO of a growing skateboard Internet shop, I noticed our weekly e-mail blasts have terrible open rates. I know when each customer has last visited our site, what they last purchased, and want to e-mail them a custom deal the next business day. But with thousands of customers, it’s logistically impossible.”

The solution is ikura.

As the owner of a chain of hair salons, I would like to use SMS to remind customers of their appointments. My SMS provider doesn’t offer a way to handle complicated dispatching of SMS. I wish there was a way to dispatch Text Messages on a per-customer basis, remind them of their appointments, and keep my salons running smoothly.”

The solution is ikura.