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What’s ikura?

ikura is your hatchery for randomly occurring background jobs. While timed jobs have their use, random ones are a must-have, too.

Use ikura to spawn jobs that trigger randomly within the hour, the quarter-hour, or what have you. Put some disorder into your background jobs with ikura today!


Why ikura?

Our customer notifications were going out at 9:10 every morning, & we noticed our userbase getting numb to it. A little randomness with ikura got our open rates back up to all-time highs.”

The solution is ikura.

Nobody was liking our 5pm email blasts. Thanks to ikura, we got to define a window which works best, and the slight unpredictability every day worked like black magic! Truly!”

The solution is ikura.

We needed our daily outgoing mailers to have a human-touch feel to them. Now that we are using ikura, they go out at different times every day making it feel much more organic.”

The solution is ikura.